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LIFE Quarterly – June 2019

LIFE Quarterly – June 2019

In this month’s issue of Prepare for Life, we look at Australia’s growing household debt. Contributing to this debt are options such as Afterpay or Zip money. It is a good idea to refer to your Budget plan before signing up to these payment plans, to ensure you
have enough money to pay for upcoming expenses such as bills, to
avoid any stress.

Are you thinking of borrowing to invest? We take a look at the options retirees have when choosing a loan and the things to consider. Before speaking with your lender, it is always best to discuss your options with your financial adviser to ensure your Pension is not affected.

Albert Einstein once said “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world” The article regarding Compound Interest compares whether saving small amounts for a long time is more
beneficial than compared to putting larger amounts aside later down the

Also, with so many insurance companies around, selling so many different types of insurance, it can be difficult figuring out the correct type and amount of insurance you require. The article provides some helpful ideas when applying for an insurance policy.

LFP Quarterly Newsletter – June 2019

Lonsec Market Commentary – April 2017

Lonsec Market Commentary – April 2017

Full-time employment continues to grow after falling through much of 2016, increasing  by 74,500 in March, while part-time employment fell by 13,600.  The employment-to-population ratio appears to have steadied at around 61%.

The advance estimate of US Q1 GDP showed annual growth at 0.7%, down from 2.1% recorded in Q4 2016 and considerably lower than the consensus estimate of 1.2%.  Consumer spending – the main engine room of the economy – rose only 0.3% versus 3.5% in Q4, representing the worst performance since 2009.

The price of iron ore delivered to Qingdao in China tumbled 14.4% in April after falling 11.9% in March, ending the month at US $68.80/t, much reduced from its February high of $94.86.

To read more about local and international market affairs you can read the April 2017 Lonsec Market Commentary here:

Lonsec Market Commentary – April 2017

Sort Out Your Super in 2015

Taking a little time to look at your superannuation now can make a huge difference in the future. As this article from The New Daily explains, few of us are aware of how much super we have, what it’s invested in and how much we’ll need for retirement.

Many of us aren’t interested in how our super performs until we’re close to retirement but much like you check your bank statement each month, just checking your super is on track regularly can make such a difference later. Don’t leave it until it’s too late – make 2015 your year to get your super on track!