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We help you prepare

for the rest of your life!

LIFE Financial Planners is a West Australian business focused on helping our clients become financially secure, providing financial advice to help them to live their best lives.



SSTUWA Members & Teachers – We are now taking bookings for the January 2024 School Holidays.


If you are planning to retire in the next few years, we are here to help.  It is never too early to start planning but it can be too late.  It’s important to understand your options before making any big decisions.  


We work alongside our clients to help articulate goals that align with their values and define what’s important to them. We work together to refine these goals and then prioritise them. Sometimes we have to choose one over another. After the initial consultation, our team works to map out a plan on how we can work together to achieve these goals.


The financial plan is just the beginning of our relationship. Working with a Financial Adviser will give you peace of mind every step of the way knowing someone is there with you, giving you advice. We will be there the whole way, to celebrate the achievements and provide assistance with what life may throw at you.


Life is a journey, not a destination. So let us help you make the most out of the adventures it brings!


We’re committed to providing our clients with the best advice and ongoing service. Our track record as National finalists for Best Client Servicing Company in the Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) Excellence Awards over 3 consecutive years is proof of that.


We aim to keep our clients updated, on track, and comfortable as we guide them towards their goals. This way they can live their best possible life.


Financial Planning is not just about retirement – We can help you every little step along the way.


When is the best time to start? Today. If you would like to come to talk to us, your first consultation is at our cost. LIFE Financial Planners - Perth.

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