Did you know? The median growth super fund (61-80% growth assets) was up 1.9% in November 2019, lifting the return for the first 11 months of the calendar year to 14.4%. Barring any last-minute surprises, super funds are closing in on an annual return well into double digits.
[Source: Drury, B. (2019). Superfund performance: Monthly returns to November 2019. [online] Super Guide. Available at: [Accessed 15 Jan. 2020]].

Your superannuation is your future and the sooner you take control of what it’s doing, the better!

Superannuation is constantly changing in Australia, becoming more complex and more important than ever. LIFE Financial Planners has the expertise to ensure your super works it’s hardest for you.

The decisions you make today can have a real impact on your lifestyle in retirement.

We can help you:

  • Track down your lost super. There is over $18 billion worth of lost super in Australia. Some of it may be yours.
  • Choose the right fund for your needs.
  • Tailor an investment strategy for you.
  • Work out how much you need to contribute over your working life to live the retirement you want.
  • Boost your super! We can show you how to take to make the most of various tax-saving concessions such as salary sacrifice and contribution strategies.
  • Use your super to tax effectively provide for you and your family in the event of misfortune.
  • Ensure your super goes to the right people at the right time in the event of your passing.
  • Stay up to date with legislative changes so you’re not disadvantaged.