Advice Process

Advice Process

“We find them very easy to talk to and willing to help with any query we may have.” Rod and Sandy, Harrisdale

To provide you with personalised tailored advice we follow a structured six-step advice process. We guide you through every stage of the process, always ensuring you’re comfortable at each stage and that we are on track to meet your financial objectives.

Our financial planning process includes:

  1. Explaining how our process works and gathering the relevant financial information from you
  2. Identifying your personal financial goals and objectives
  3. Assessing your current financial situation (income, assets, liabilities, insurances, superannuation)
  4. Preparing a written Statement of Advice which outlines recommended strategies, products and services for you
  5. If you’re comfortable, implementing the discussed recommendations
  6. Reviewing your strategies regularly to ensure we are all on track towards meeting your financial goals

Whilst these steps explain the advice process at a simple level we often perform a variety of roles at different stages of our ongoing relationship.

They include:


This is our primary role. We act in this capacity when we engage with you for the first time, at formal reviews and on each and every occasion when we provide you with a written advice document.


We will provide you with articles, newsletters, and general factual information. This information flow reinforces the messages and themes of our advice, and provides you with up to date information on your finances and the changing world we live in.


Emotions such as fear and greed often cloud our financial decision making. We help to keep you focussed on the end goals, and allow you to deal with life’s detours and roadblocks in considered and thoughtful ways.


There may be occasions where we need to source product solutions for the strategies we recommend. At these times we look to source suitable, best of breed products at competitive prices.

Project Manager:

As your time is precious we provide dedicated resources to manage the process of change. This ensures a hassle free co-ordinated implementation.


Often we will need to engage the services of other professionals such as Solicitors and Accountants. We can provide introductions or work with your preferred professional to facilitate the outcomes you desire.

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