Susan, Beldon

Susan, Beldon – 7 July 2016

I have been a client of Marijana’s for over ten years. At our latest review I mentioned in passing that I had had a melanoma removed 7 years ago. Even though I have had trauma insurance in place for some time, I never thought I could claim on something like that as it was removed and I haven’t had further problems.

Marijana said this was exactly what my trauma insurance was for and arranged for me to claim on my policy.

I couldn’t believe how easy it was. Jennifer arranged the paperwork for me and then I went to my doctor for him to complete one form.

I thought I could probably get around 10% (which I thought was about $10,000) of my policy value paid out, which sounded great.

Jennifer and Mei kept me informed as my case progressed and not long after I got a phone call from Marijana telling me I was receiving 100% of my policy! I was so excited and can’t believe how easy they made the whole process.

3 business days later I had the money in my account. Marijana, Mei and Jennifer were so helpful and I am so grateful to them. I couldn’t have done this on my own.

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