Matters of death and life

Matters of death and life

Marijana was once again asked to contribute to an article by Neale Prior in The West Australian on Monday, March 6th, 2016.

In ‘Matters of death and life’ Marijana discusses the importance of completing a full analysis of your current super funds before consolidating them. Many of us have insurance attached to our super that we may not even know about. Marijana explains how important it is to look at what you already have before you make any changes.

As Marijana mentions, it’s always important to consider the implications before making alterations to your super. If you’re looking to sort out your super, contact us first for your free initial consultation here:

The full article from the ‘Your Money’ lift-out is available here:

Matters of death and life – The West 6 March 2016 (Pg 1)

Matters of death and life – The West 6 March 2016 (Pg 2)

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