Lonsec Market Commentary – December 2015

Lonsec Market Commentary – December 2015

After an initial fall, the S&P 200 ended up 2.7% by the end of December and was one of the best performing world markets. Energy and Industrials were down across the month while Financials, Consumer Staples and Discretionary all rose.

The US announced it’s expected rate rise of 25 basis points, ending the month down 2.0%. The Nikkei and Hang Seng were also down but the Shanghai Composite finished up 4.6% by the end of December.

Employment in Australia rose with 71,000 new jobs in November, one of the largest rises on record.

The Australian Dollar fell against the US Dollar in the first half of the month before finishing more or less flat.

For more of the domestic and international economic news for December you can read the full Lonsec Market Commentary here:

Lonsec Market Commentary – December 2015

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