LIFE Quarterly – October 2019

LIFE Quarterly – October 2019

In this edition we take a look at how well you know Superannuation in Australia; delving into changes made to the fine print of legislation to bring you the 3 main points you should know to best manage your money.

How can you maximise your use of concessional contributions? Are you now exempt from the super contributions work test? As well as are all of your insurances in place following the ‘Protecting Your Super’ reforms?

We further look at the inter-generational wealth gap, how the wealth of the Baby Boomer generation has virtually doubled in the last decade, and provide some guidance for planning for distributions of this wealth.

Lastly, longevity is only a risk for some of us! This edition looks at the impact of poor health, specifically obesity, and how it can burden your cash and retirement funds.

LFP Quarterly Newsletter – Oct 2019

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