Greg and Pat, Darlington

Data supplied by us is accurately reflected in the regular meetings we have and changes and requests are efficiently dealt with.

Advice supplied has always turned out to be the correct decision for our finances, even if it may not always align with our first thoughts.

Strategic planning initiatives have always been discussed with us and agreement reached before implementation. Implementation has always occurred quickly and efficiently. Interim requests on various matters, and liaison with financial service suppliers has always been efficient, timely, and conforms with our wishes and requirements.

Review documentation and meetings are always carried out efficiently and in a timely manner – even though we sometimes request deferral to meet our circumstances. Implementation of agreed changes has always been carried out efficiently and in a timely manner with good follow-up with service providers.

We have not been in a position to require Centrelink liaison but have been kept fully apprised of the Centrelink requirements and have regularly been updated on opportunities in recommendations made.

Queries have always been answered quickly and efficiently and to our satisfaction.

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