Gen Y

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Gen Y

Gen Y

From your late teens right through to your early 30’s, these are the Gen Y years and life has never been busier.

This is the time when you are laying the foundations of your life; travelling, entering the workforce, establishing and building your career, maybe thinking about a deposit for your first home even starting a family may be on the horizon. Life is exciting, daunting and very uncertain at times.

Your Generation makes up 20% of the Australian population. You are young, educated and will live longer than any generation before you. We understand you and the issues that this will present.

At this stage budgeting and cash flow management is paramount. Defining what your goals are can be a challenge. We will work with you to really understand you, so we can help you define your goals are help you to make your goals happen.

How we can help

  • Cash flow; analysis & monitoring
  • Debt management including HECS bills, car loans & credit card debt
  • Budgeting strategies, by creating structures:
    • Fixed expenses – rent, bills, food
    • Fun expenses – going out, holidays
    • Future expenses – planning your wedding, building the deposit for your first home and starting a family
  • Personal life insurances
  • Saving strategies
  • Tax strategies
  • Self Managed Super Funds


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