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If you are interested in purchasing some personal insurance after calculating the costs for your required benefit, please give us a call on 08 9322 1882 for further details on how you can get access to the most appropriate insurance provider for your circumstances.

As an independently owned finanical planning firm, LIFE Financial Planners provide our clients with the appropriate protection for their personal and business assets. Most financial planners are linked to financial institutions who represent just one insurer whose loyalty is naturally to that insurance company. As an Independent Financial Planning business, we have access to a large variety of insurance providers, without any bias to one particular provider, thus enabling us to find the right insurance for our clients from a wide range of choices. The goal is to work with you to find the right insurance coverage at the best possible price and to provide you with the following:

  • Determine how much insurance coverage you need.
  • Seek the most appropriate insurance provider for your own individual requirements.
  • Provide you with competitive pricing and flexible payment plans.
  • Assist in the application process so that minimal work is required on your behalf.
  • Provide assistance in determining whther a specific loss is covered by the insurance policy and assist you through the claim process.

One size does not fit all and we will provide you with the insurance coverages that you need.

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