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Betty and Babs, Forrestfield – 14 March 2012

Mrs O’Donohue and I first became involved with LIFE Financial Planners when our Financial Adviser (Cliff Yorke) had a brief affiliation with the company.  The partnership was resolved when Mr Yorke moved to the country and we stayed with LIFE Financial Planners.

At our request, Marijana and her staff liquidated our self-managed superannuation fund (which suffered considerably due to the Global Financial Crisis) and have invested our funds in a pension account with (what appears to be) a reliable firm.

LIFE Financial Planners have also reviewed our personal portfolios and made several suggested strategies to improve our financial situations.

All requests for information (eg, Centrelink, taxation and other departments) have been attended to promptly and with courtesy.  Thus we feel comfortable in approaching the staff on any topic, no matter how small or trivial.

As stated previously, we suffered considerable losses through the GFC and through LIFE Financial Planners and their involvement we now have confidence that we will be able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in the future.

We consider ourselves fortunate to have received such personal attention and interest in our affairs and hope this will continue for many years to come.

John and Sharon, East Fremantle – 14 March 2012

Marijana and her team have been monitoring and supporting our financial journey for many years.  In the early days she provided a full appraisal of our financial position and aspirations which made us focus on the value and performance of our superannuation.

We set up a monthly saving facility, tailored life assurance to our needs (we were paying for too much!) and moved our super.

Over the years our financial requirements have changed eg financing our own business, buying investment properties, children’s educations etc, and Life Financial Planners has overseen our finances on the journey.

We shall have sufficient funds to approach retirement with confidence, and as our needs change Marijana and her team will be there to advise on making the most of our retirement resources.

Barry, Padbury – April 2012

I first met Marijana Ravlich in September 2000 when she was a Financial Planner for one of the major banks and I needed some advice regarding investments I wished to make.  I got great advice and understanding of my needs, so much so that when she left the bank and started her own business as LIFE Financial Planners, I decided to give my financial planning requirements to her.

I have always had great confidence in her advice and her support over the years has been very beneficial to me.  We have an excellent financial planner, client relationship.