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Take Control of Your Future

If you suffered a serious illness or accident, how would you pay your bills and meet your everyday living expenses? What impact would that have on your future plans, and what would happen to your dependents. Chances are you would probably be forced to turn to your parents for help which would have a real impact on their retirement lifestyle. Bail yourself out with life insurance, it’s the cheapest and best way to protect you and your families future.

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Protect Your Path to Retirement

We would do anything for our kids, but just think how much you might be asked to do if one your children became terminally ill or had a car accident and was permanently disabled. Who would look after their spouse and your grandchildren? Help your kids protect themselves and protect your retirement but making sure that they have sufficient insurance in place to protect themselves and their loved ones if misfortune was to strike. Let us show you just how easy and economical it can be to give you all peace of mind.

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Do your adult children have a back-up plan (other than you)?

Picture this. You’ve recently retired, and you’re reasonably confident you’ll have enough savings to fund the comfortable lifestyle you’d always hoped for.

Then you receive a phone call with some bad news – your daughter has been badly injured in a car accident while travelling overseas. The doctors are saying she’s unlikely to walk again. Continue reading

Pros and cons of having your business premises in your SMSF

31 March 2012 | Gillian Bullock, The Australian, page 30
One way to free up capital in your self-managed super fund before you reach the preservation age of 55 is to transfer your business property into your fund. By doing this you will release money from your superannuation ahead of time, free up the equity in your company’s premises and give your business a cash injection to expand or provide cashflow. And there will probably be no capital gains tax on the Continue reading

New art-in-super rules ‘hurt sales’

5 April 2012 | Emily Morgan, WA Business News
The federal government introduced new rules in July last year around how self-managed super funds invest in art and the art sector is already feeling the effects on sales, according to industry insiders and stakeholders opposed to the changes. The regulations state SMSFs cannot derive a present-day benefit from art as an investment, they can only do so for future financial gain. Art has to be stored at premises independent of fund-related parties and must be insured accordingly, to make sure the sole purpose of the investment is to provide financial security in retirement.

Beware the bond hysteria

5 April 2012 | Shane Oliver, BRW, page 16
There has been much debate recently about whether superannuation funds have too much in shares and not enough in bonds. The basic argument is that compared with other big countries, Australian pension funds have a higher share allocation and a lower bond allocation, at 50 per cent and 18 per cent respectively, which this leaves members exposed when shares plunge. Although the share allocation in super may be Continue reading